Online Marketing specialist increasing sales, demonstrated through 10+ years of experience.



1/2017 to 6/1/2017 - New American Funding - Tustin CA


  • Managed $130K+ of monthly ad spend across Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Developed Adwords CPA strategies:
  • Splitting Desktop & Mobile Campaigns & Adgroups bidding separately.
  • Hourly, adjusting keywords positioning based on conversion data.
  • Automating hourly keywords position bidding with Adwords scripts.
  • Allocating more budget to high converting campaigns.

  • Improved GEO targeted bidding by analyzing past CRM, Zillow and National Income data.
  • Created CPA targeted campaigns, ad groups, ad extensions, text ads, display & re-marketing ads.
  • Fixed and updated Google Analytics code to track conversions.
  • Tracked/analyzed content metrics and determined best practices and strategies based on results.
  • Landing page and Ad copy A/B testing.
  • Assisted web developers when needed.


  • Lowered “Refinance Home” related keywords CPA from ~$280 to ~$65 with in 45 days
  • Lowered “Brand” related keywords CPA from ~$30 to ~$5 with in 2 months.
  • Overall (non brand search ads keywords) CPA was reduced over $150.
  • Competing with Quicken Loans, LendingTree maintained top 3 position on Impression Share.
  • Assisted and Showed web developers how to implement UTM Tracking Parameters (with javascripts) so that every form on website can captured the utm data over a year from returning visitors.
  • Facebook conversion & retargeting scripts implemented upon my recommendation.
  • BING conversion UTM parameters implemented upon my recommendation.
Note: CPA improvement Videos and Screenshot are available.

12/2015 to 12/2016 - Media Ocean - Irvine CA


  • Managed $60K+ of monthly ad spend across Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Manager accounts.
  • Created CPA targeted campaigns, ad groups, ad extensions, text ads, display & re-marketing ads.
  • Integrated Google Analytics code to track conversions.
  • Defined and set up goals in Google Analytics accounts.
  • Combined/Analyzed Google Analytics/Adwords data and 3rd party zipcode income statistics reports. Identified opportunities & improved CPA.
  • Tracked/analyzed content metrics, coordinate online responses, report on the effectiveness of the content and determined best practices and strategies based on results.
  • Created and managed Facebook re-targeting campaigns.
  • Assisted web development specialists when needed.


  • WordPress landing page dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) function implemented for all accounts.
    DKI is generated from ppc campaign keywords destination url.
    Tool inserts customized phrases into page title, description and body section of the page and improves quality score, conversions and make pages more compelling.
  • Lowered CPA and increased conversions on most of the accounts !
  • Designed spreadsheet to generated data driven search ads.
  • Implemented/Modified Adwords Script such as hourly bidding, daily bidding, keyword positioning.
  • Clients: Attorneys, Surgeons, Trade Schools, Hard Money & Fix & Flip Lenders more...

01/2012 to 12/2015 - Online Marketing Co - Irvine CA


  • Manage over $40K monthly PPC budget for multiple accounts and adjust campaigns.
  • Create effective campaigns, ad groups, ad extensions, text ads, display & re-marketing ads and landing pages specific to client requirements & campaigns; update landing pages in accordance with ads, monthly specials etc.
  • Integrate Google Analytics code to obtain successful tracking. Define and set up goals in Google Analytics accounts.
  • Manage and analyze Goal Conversions specific to campaigns. Identify opportunities & improve efficiency by analyzing internal reporting, Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Google Analytics.
  • Generate new revenue-driven ideas for traffic and increase conversions.
  • Assist other interactive specialists when needed.
  • Attend conference calls/meet with business owners/managers prepared to provide on the spot analysis as needed.
  • Clients: Franchine Car Dealerships, Roofers, Plumbers, General Contractors...

01/2008 to 01/2012 - Potamkin Mitsubishi and Hyundai - New York NY


  • Assisted New and Used Car Sales Desk. Assisted finance managers for funding via DealerTrack.
  • Implemented strategic business plans to ensure revenue growth.
  • Reviewed progress of sales forecasting annual, quarterly and monthly revenue.
  • Supervised and coached a team of internet sales associates to ensure individual and department sales quotas were met.
  • Identified clients’ needs and cultivated effective sales strategies via phone.
  • Ensured appropriate offers are extended to each audience via email marketing.
  • Established and maintained relationships with new and existing businesses & customers.
  • Designed effective email campaigns integrated with Dealer CRM programs; monitor and report on key metrics including open, click, unsubscribe, bounce rates, conversions and ROI.
  • Collected analyzed media performance reports such as CRM traffic reports, Call Measurement Reports, Website analytics, radio, television, cable, web traffic, online campaign reports, associated media promotions, etc. Provided aggregate reporting to GM on a monthly basis.
  • Attended meetings with GMs and third party agencies on a regular basis and assisted with creative ideas.
  • Keep abreast of the latest SEM industry information and trends.
  • Researched converted keywords, updated websites & campaign landing pages.
  • Utilized analytic solutions to deliver maximum return and make recommendations into site function and design.
  • Developed & implemented independent used car dealer websites (w/open-source programs)


  • Adwords Editor, Google Analytics, Adwords Scripts, ClickCease Click Fraud, Unbounce, RavenTools, KeywordResercher Pro, ScreaminFrog, SEOQuake, Google Analytics Debugger, Google PageSpeed Insights, Google Speed Tracer, Google Tag Assistant, Google Similar Pages, WASPTag Inspector, WebScraper, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Sublime, OpenOffice, WordPress, DudaMobile, CallRail, SugarCRM and many other....


  • DealerTrack, eLead CRM, ReyRey Contact Management


  • HTML, CSS, WP, Light PHP, some JavaScript Implementation.


  • Nassau Community College - Long Island, NY
    Associate Degree
    Business Administration courses included: Computer graphics, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and Macromedia Director and Basic HTML.

  • New York University - New York, NY
    International Business.

  • University of Anatolia - Istanbul Turkey
    Business Administration
    1 Year & transferred to Nassau Community College.